Our Project Experience


FMCG (Facial foam, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soft drinks, Energy drink, Dairy product, etc.)
Food (Seasoning powder, Seasoning Liquid, Porridge, Instant Noodle)
Health (Medicines, HIV/AIDS, STI, RH, Maternal and Newborn Health Care)
Technology (Solar Panel, Telecom)
Digital (Mobile phone, App, TVC, TV Program)
Education (Private school, vocational training evaluation)
Financial management
Supply chain management (Vegetables)
Industrial (Ready-mix Concrete and Construction)
Energy (Patrol)
Media (Social Media, Media Trend)
Children (ECCD, IYCF, Child Protection, Nutrition)
Women Empowerment, Girls empowerment
Project Evaluation (UN, INGO, LNGO) - DRR, Livelihood, Poverty, WASH etc.

Other Experiences - conducted with special and hard to reach respondents:

  • Socio Economic Class (SEC)
  • Ethnicities
  • Gender
  • Ages
  • Religious Leaders
  • Location (Rural/ Urban)
  • Social Influencer & Professional (Practitioner, Contractor, etc.)
  • Marginalized people including IDU, SW, MSM, Deaf-mute, Blind

Types of Projects

  • Product Testing
  • Packaging Testing
  • Brand and Logo Testing
  • Pre-testing (TVC, Storyboard, Concept, Tagline, Key Visual, Insert and other IEC materials)
  • Consumer Behavior (Products and Service)
  • UAI (Usage, Attitudes and Image) Studies
  • KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, Practice)
  • Project Baseline and End-line (Evaluation)
  • Training

Our Field Team

Field and Data Entry Staff (With various types of project experiences)

  • 10 Supervisors (Team Leader) for both Quantitative and Qualitative Projects
  • Over 50 Interviewers in different locations for Quantitative Projects
  • Over 20 Recruiters for Qualitative Recruitments
  • Over 50 Key Punchers and 7 Team Leaders (for Data Entry)

Resources in Different Location

  • 30 locations (experienced local staffs)
  • Hard to reach rural and hostile urban areas covered by trained and experienced manpower

Quality Control

To ensure high quality data collection STP provides supervisors in the field to conduct live quality control checks. STP forms and independent quality control team composed of 5 quality control staff who are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative Projects.